Know When Your Laptop Overheats And Learn To Keep It Cool

As laptops become more powerful with each passing year, more heat signatures leave behind. Even laptops for games have begun to come with a separate component or with a liquid cooling system to keep the heat levels low. But it often happens that common and everyday computers also get hot when used for extended periods of time.

In case you are one of the affected users. These are some of the ways you can keep your laptops good.

Is your laptop overheated or not?

Before starting, it is important to keep in mind whether your laptop is even overheated or not. Laptops get hot all the time, but this does not mean it's always overheated.

The first indication that your device is overheating is when you hear that the laptop's fan is always running at full speed.

In addition to the fan running at full speed for long periods of time, another clear indication is the reduction of operating speeds while working on the device. This usually occurs because the CPU reduces the clock speed to reduce the amount of heat generated.

There may be several reasons why overheating of the laptop may occur. One of the most common reasons could be air blockage due to dust.

Dust can block the exhaust grilles at times, which causes less heat output. The clogging of the extractors can also be one of the problems.

So how can you avoid overheating the laptop?

The first and most basic tactic could be to clean the extraction fan on the laptop. This is necessary because dust and other particles adhere to it over time, proving that it is a less efficient cooling tool.

In general, laptop brands do not allow you to break the lid and clean it yourself. You can still contact customer service and check with him once.

Before starting, make sure the laptop is off, the battery has been removed. Using a cotton soaked in alcohol could be one of the methods to clean the fans.

Using a small vacuum cleaner is also possible. You can clean the fan with it or you can use it to vacuum the dust from the exhaust grilles of the laptop.

Those who have a little more knowledge about it can even apply thermal grease to prevent the temperature from rising.

While this was to clean the laptop, you can avoid it as much as you can by using some methods:

- Try not to use the laptop with soft materials such as the bed or sofa. As most laptops have their exhaust fans underneath, the soft material blocks it, trapping the heat inside.

-Do not keep the laptop on hold when it is inside a bag. It heats the device, even more, forcing it to shut down due to the high temperature.

- There are also some softwares that can help you reduce the excessive use of the application, which is usually the reason why the laptop overheats most of the time.

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